Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 90 day challenge

Image hope is that if I blog about it...I am going to be somewhat accountable.  Let's hope this is the case.  One of my weaknesses is that I don't follow up with most of my projects, goals etc.  I will be excited at the beginning, then halfway through lose some momentum, and then usually end up with the " I don't care" or maybe nobody has noticed so it doesn't matter.  Well..I am only lying to myself because I know what is important to me.  Then...the doubts usually start...why can't I finish what I start?  Am I not good enough?  Does anyone care?

With summer right around the corner...I decided to focus the next 90 days on my weight loss journey.  I am nowhere near my "goal" weight.  Have I given up and settling for where I am now?  In some ways...YES!  Am I OK with my weight now?  Yes and no depending on the day, my mood, the weather etc. My next blog will be about my struggle with food since that is where this blog was going...LOL.

I haven't decided which fitness/workout program I will follow yet...I have until Sunday night to decide.  I will also need to figure out if I will focus on working out at home or go back to the gym.  Being a Beachbody coach does have it's my choices will be either P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, or Turbofire.  Hey..if any of these programs interest me.

My biggest challenge will be food.  I will need to start tracking again.  Since I am still paying for weight watchers.. this will be the program I will stick with.  The good thing about Weight Watchers is you can eat anything you like.  There are no restrictions like some people think.  I remember when I first started the program and had success.  Of course people want to know what you are doing and I was amazed how people thought you needed to buy "their" food.  Yes...there are some foods you can buy but it's not a must.  As long as you track, count your points and stay on will lose. 

So...with all goals- you need to be SMART

S-specific development/objective (25 lbs in 3 months)
M-measurable (weekly weigh ins)
A-Actionable steps (track all foods/ workout s)
R-Resources/Responsible (myself, accountability partners)
T-time frame. (April 9th -July 1st)

Although my goal maybe a stretch goal...I am putting it out there.  What if I don't reach it?  The flip side is what if I do?  Either way...I am sure I will be closer to my goal weight at the end of 90 days.

Check back with me for the update on which workout program I will follow.  I will also be posting my stats and maybe before pics...yikes!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  What are you plans?


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  1. Hey Doreen!!
    this is awesome! I didn't know you were struggling with the food issue. This week was pretty bad huh? I can attest since I was right there with you. But all kidding aside, I think you of all people will be very disciplined because you know what's at stake. I will try to help you out with that and maybe in your journey I too will find some inspiration and get my butt off the chair and move. I know you will have those days where you will struggle, but I also know there will be days when you will triumph. Take each day as it is and learn from it. You've got my support!