Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 many more to go?????

Finally...the blog as promised!!  I've been sick since last it's been a challenge to function at 100% lately.  I'm still not fully recovered but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

OK...the Tinkerbell half marathon...let's see where to start?  LOL. It started after lunch on Thursday.  I was coming down with a sore throat but that was it.  Friday...I was definitely worse- I think I had a slight fever, cough and all around not feeling all that great.  I had to take Princess for her consultation and then wanted to go pick up my bib from the expo.  Loaded up on dayquil and off I started my day.  The whole Princess thing is another blog in itself...but let's say she is costing me a pretty penny.  Price of being a dog mom.  I got home..forced myself to eat something and then off to the expo.  Of course in the back of my mind...I am thinking what if I am worse on Sunday?  Do I walk it or stay home?  Only time will tell. to the expo.  It seemed smaller than the Disneyland half I did a couple of years ago.  Maybe there weren't that many vendors or maybe I was kind of out of clue.  Before I forget...I need to mention the parking situation since it plays into the story for Sunday.  The instructions told us to park in the Mickey and Friends parking structure.  I remember from my previous race it was easy to find so I wasn't too concerned about it.  I also remember there was an open lot where I parked for the expo and they didn't charge.  I actually was more concerned about finding that parking lot since I didn't want to cough up $15.00 for Friday and Sunday.  Well...I found the "free" parking on Friday so off I went to the expo.  Nothing too exciting...didn't buy too much and I left around 3:00.  Luckily, I didn't hit too much traffic going home.  Had to do laundry and by this point I was getting worse.  Let's say at about 5:30...I went to go lay down for a few minutes and then the next thing you know it was 10:00.  Good thing I had fed Princess before I went to lay down...LOL

Saturday was supposed to be a lazy day and it was.  I slept in til about 11:00 and only had to run a couple of errands...mainly to get my bagel and banana for Sunday.  I felt better but still not 100%.  Now the problem was what to eat for dinner?  This is supposed to be my carb loading meal but to be honest..I didn't have much of an appetite. I went to Souplantation for dinner and although I tried to carb load...I just wasn't feeling it.  I just hoped I had enough fuel for Sunday.  Was tempted to go to bed at 8:00 but by the time I finally dozed was closer to 10:00 pm.  Set 2 different alarms for 2:00 am and called it a night.

Sunday morning...RACE DAY!!  Still didn't feel 100% but at least there was no fever and minimal coughing.  Got dressed, made sure I had everything and off I went.  Remember the parking structure that I couldn't find on Friday??  Well...I couldn't for the life of me find it on Sunday either.  So..what does one do?  Of course...follow the cars in front of her.  I mean...who else would be driving around Disneyland at 3:00 am on a Sunday morning??  Well...I followed them for a bit until I realized they weren't going in the direction I wanted to go.  I was tempted to go back and try again..but I was starting to panic just a wee bit.  One of my biggest fears is getting to a race too late and I miss it.  I remembered there were nearby motels/hotels that offered free parking to runners and a shuttle.  I wasn't worried about the shuttle...I mean I saw tons of people walking to the start line so that was the least of my concerns.  OK...I ended up on Katella and Harbor and decided to go down Harbor.  I turned into one hotel/motel only to find a sign saying that you would be towed if you weren't a customer.  Now...I am starting to panic just a bit more.  I somehow ended up in the back of this motel...and ended up back on Katella.  Thank God...there was the Gardenwalk parking structure close by so I parked there.  Walked with the rest of the "crazy" people to the start.  By this time...people were already going to their corrals..but of course I needed to use the bathroom aka porta potty.  OK..after I go to the bathroom...I need to start heading out to my corral.  Mind you I am on cold medication so I got very confused and actually headed to a faster corral.  When the race volunteer pointed me in the right direction...I was definitely a fish swimming upstream.  OK..finally find my corral and wait for the start. 

We started out on the local streets and then around mile 2 ended up back in Disneyland. of the good things about running through the park is that you can use a normal restroom.  I've gotten used to porta potties but of course given the choice...I mean there is no choice right???  I took advantage of the restroom twice...but it cost me about 5-6 minutes total.  Another difference I noticed in Disney races is of course you run through the park and Disney characters are out for photo opportunities.  Now..if I was a halfway decent walker...I would take advantage of this but some of the lines were very long and I opted out.  I did manage to get in one picture!!  Another difference is the race volunteers will tell us how many minutes above pace we we don't get swept up!!  At one mile..we were 7:00 minutes above the pace but I realized as we kept getting updates...we were getting slower and slower.  I just started trying to pass as many people as I could...LOL.  I think because the race was inside the park..the miles flew by!  I'm the type of walker that sees each mile marker and thinks...OK x amount left to go.  By the time I looked when we left the park..we were already on mile 7?  either that or mile 6.  So out on the streets we go.  Nothing major...but I know at one point the volunteer lets us know we are 4 minutes above pace.  So what do I do?  I start jogging/running although I know I shouldn't have.  As we were getting closer..I know at least I would make it so I started walking again.  As we saw the finish line...I was getting excited but that was the longest .2 miles I ever walked..LOL..Finished at 3:43:47 which is not bad considering I was sick and spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom.

Got my bling...and it is definitely some heavy medal.  Of course..used the porta potty and decided I didn't want to wait in line for the message.  Surprisingly...I didn't have the "marathon" walk afterwards.  Not sure what I did different this time around but I didn't feel the usually pain/stiffness I usually feel after a race.  Now going home took me on a little adventure too...I am blaming it on the cold..but going home for some reason I thought I still needed to go south instead of north.  It was too late to change lanes by the time I realized I was going in the wrong I had to get off at the next exit and go the right way back home!

All in all..I loved the Tinkerbell race...much better than the Disneyland Half. 

Here is my "one" photo with the characters and my bling..

Photo: Tinkerbell half marathon

Up next...Surf City!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another post?? I'm on a roll...

OK...another post from me??  Well...this weekend was a baking weekend for me.  Nothing too major- I had an order for 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes.  I saw this cute chocolate design so I decided to add it to my friend's came out pretty cute!  I'm also trying to be frugal in my baking so I'm trying to come up with ways to not waste but also not spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  For some red velvet batter consistently makes more than 2 dozen so I decided to put the excess in a cake pan and use it for the topping...or for cake pops.  So's working and I don't have to throw away too much.  Here's a pic of the finished cupcake.

Photo: Cupcake order is ready for tomorrow #redvelvetcupcakes #orderforvday

Less than a week away from my 2nd half marathon for 2013.  Excited to go to the expo on Friday and hopefully not spend too much money.  This is my first Tinkerbell race but the Disney half in Sept  2010 was my first ever race.  I was blown away by the expo and how big it was.  Let's say I was overwhelmed.  So many booths and for a person that just started running...I didn't know what was an absolute necessary and what wasn't.  Here is what last year's medal looked like...

Since I am on a roll...and I blog about anything..does anyone watch the Shah's of Sunset reality TV show?  I am so far behind in my usual shows but this was the one I watched last night...For all of you that don't watch the show- it's about a group of friends that are Persian that live in the LA area.  It's funny because sometimes they have to put subtittles when they speak Farsi to each other so the rest of us can understand.  For my reality show friends...who is your favorite? I know GG has anger issues but I felt sorry that she didn't get invited on the Mexico trip with the rest of the gang.  And I was happy she pulled off the event.  Lilly definitely looked out of place with all the drinking and things going on...yikes!  Since they all live out in the LA area...I wonder if I ever run into any of them if I start hanging out in their "neighborhhod".  And no..I am not a stalker!!  LOL.  This is the cast from the season 2..


My poor kid (Princess) is having issues and it's hard for me because the vet can't figure out what is wrong with her.  She has more than one thing going on...but for now the vet wants me to take care of the epulis tumor in her gums.  We get to go to the doggy dentist on Friday for a consultation.  She will probably need to get her tooth removed...but we will see.  She also hasn't been able to keep weight on and that is also very concerning to the doctor.  So far we have done a stomach ultrasound and a chest X-ray.  Nothing out of the ordinary yet.  I asked if the tumor might have anything to do with it..the vet doesn't think so but I will ask the dentist on Friday.  I'll also bring her by the vet to have her me it looks like she has gained some weight and also I can ask if they tested for diabetes.  At least it doesn't look like she is in pain...she still is the goofy girl in my life.

And last but not least...a funny thing happened to me over the weekend...I posted it on facebook on Saturday.  I was in my therapist's office on Saturday.  She has one of those Keurig coffee makers and I always make myself a chai latte.  I took my usual seat and set my drink on the table.  She went to go make some tea in the other room so I was readjusting the blanket because it was freezing in the room.  Next cup is gone.  My first reaction was oh spilled on the floor.  I look on the floor and noticed the cup had fallen inside my purse.  I honestly was a little relieved...only because it was my stuff that got damaged.  I swear...God has a sense of humor.  And luckily it landed only in the little side pocket of the purse...not the entire purse.  The only thing was oh no..that was where the phone was.  I just had the most horrible experience with Verizon and just got my replacement phone.  Luckily nothing got damaged.  I used up a lot of tissue cleaning up my drink...trying to clean up everything before she returned....LOL  I wished I had taken a picture of it...well maybe not.

Until next time...


Friday, January 11, 2013

It's 2013 already??

Where did the time go?  I I get older, time speeds up. I've somewhat dedicated 2013 to my walking half marathons with a full and some 5K's thrown in there.  For those of you that understand my obsession...once you get the race bug, it's a hard thing to let die.  So far...I've signed up for...count them 9 races with about 4 more that I am considering..

Decided to list them in case anyone is interesting in joining me...
New Years Race
Surf City
Rock n Roll Pasadena
LA Marathon
Hollywood Half
OC half
Rock n Roll Los Angeles
Rock n Roll Las Vegas

These are the ones I am considering/probably will do but need to still  register..

Long Beach half- this is my fav race since I've PR twice- once running, once walking
Firecracker 5K
Diva Half
Hot Chocolate 5K
Torrance Turkey Trot
Dumbo Double Dare

As you can see..I've already ran one race.... Here is the recap.  It was an inaugrual race which I actually like.  Sure there are some kinks with any inaugrual race but it gives you the chance to become a legacy runner. Not sure why this is important to me...but I think it's kind of cool to run a single race every year that it has been in existance.  I left a little early from work on Friday to go to the expo.  The expo was at the Biltmore in downtown LA.  Although I am a native Los Angelino...I don't drive to downtown LA a lot.  Let's say I was a tad stressed out.  Got to the expo...did a little bit of shopping and then headed home.  We got a cool sweatshirt instead of the usual tee that most races give out.  I will post a pic of it later.  Got home and did my normal stuff for the rest of the night. 

I didn't want to have a repeat of my experience at Rock n Roll Vegas last year where I didn't have enough food and definitely didn't have enough energy half way through the race.  Even though some races are supposed to be more "fun"...I always try to get a PR at every race.  Since I've been walking them lately...I usually try to see how many people I can pass and how many people pass me.  Vegas...I seemed to be slowing down and everyone was passing me.  I knew that I didn't have enough to eat for lunch.  For some reason it really threw me off having an late afternoon race.  An experienced runner on FB posted some guidelines for eating so I made sure I had my carb meal early afternoon and then a light meal about a couple of hours before the race.  And it worked!!  I had more than enough energy to finish and once again my goal was to see how many people I could pass.  I decided to meet up with a friend and we took the Metro blue line from Long Beach. Can I say how perfect that worked out??  The last stop was at 7th and Grand and literally our corral was right outside.  And the finish line was near Staples..and guess what was right there?  You guessed it...the blue line. 

It was a bit cold so I had to buy some gloves so my hands wouldn't get cold.  And I am glad I had them on. Also right now I'm into wearing skirts...I don't know other than they are cute and fun to wear.  Anyways...the race started a little late but it's hard for me to judge since I'm usually in one of the last corrals.  Finally we are off..and can I say it was a bit challenging with the hills?  We made our way from 7th and Grand to Dodger Stadium.  One thing that was a bit boring was the Dodger Stadium parking lot.  Seems we did miles 4-9 or so in the parking lot...some people mentioned that we looked like an ant farm..LOL.  We did get to run inside Dodger Stadium which was cool.  And for some reason...I got very confused during the race.  At some point...they shortened the course so we could all make the time limit.  I was one of those people.  All of a sudden I am merging with the rest of the people and wondered where are these people coming from and what is going on?  Only later did I find out why the course got shortened.  There were a couple very dark spots which I know was brought up to the organizers for next year's improvements. was a good race for me...didn't PR but ended up at 3:36:23. 

Here is my bib and the bling.

Photo: 1st race for 2013!  Serious bling going on.

Next up...Tinkerbell... tutu or no tutu?? I realized the only disadvantage to wearing a tutu or skirt is when you have to stop to use the bathroom.  I think I lost a lot of time readjusting my skirt...and that would honestly be the only reason why I wouldn't wear one.

Happy running everyone!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 90 day challenge

Image hope is that if I blog about it...I am going to be somewhat accountable.  Let's hope this is the case.  One of my weaknesses is that I don't follow up with most of my projects, goals etc.  I will be excited at the beginning, then halfway through lose some momentum, and then usually end up with the " I don't care" or maybe nobody has noticed so it doesn't matter.  Well..I am only lying to myself because I know what is important to me.  Then...the doubts usually start...why can't I finish what I start?  Am I not good enough?  Does anyone care?

With summer right around the corner...I decided to focus the next 90 days on my weight loss journey.  I am nowhere near my "goal" weight.  Have I given up and settling for where I am now?  In some ways...YES!  Am I OK with my weight now?  Yes and no depending on the day, my mood, the weather etc. My next blog will be about my struggle with food since that is where this blog was going...LOL.

I haven't decided which fitness/workout program I will follow yet...I have until Sunday night to decide.  I will also need to figure out if I will focus on working out at home or go back to the gym.  Being a Beachbody coach does have it's my choices will be either P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, or Turbofire.  Hey..if any of these programs interest me.

My biggest challenge will be food.  I will need to start tracking again.  Since I am still paying for weight watchers.. this will be the program I will stick with.  The good thing about Weight Watchers is you can eat anything you like.  There are no restrictions like some people think.  I remember when I first started the program and had success.  Of course people want to know what you are doing and I was amazed how people thought you needed to buy "their" food.  Yes...there are some foods you can buy but it's not a must.  As long as you track, count your points and stay on will lose. 

So...with all goals- you need to be SMART

S-specific development/objective (25 lbs in 3 months)
M-measurable (weekly weigh ins)
A-Actionable steps (track all foods/ workout s)
R-Resources/Responsible (myself, accountability partners)
T-time frame. (April 9th -July 1st)

Although my goal maybe a stretch goal...I am putting it out there.  What if I don't reach it?  The flip side is what if I do?  Either way...I am sure I will be closer to my goal weight at the end of 90 days.

Check back with me for the update on which workout program I will follow.  I will also be posting my stats and maybe before pics...yikes!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  What are you plans?


Friday, March 30, 2012

It's been over a year!!'s been over a year since I blogged.  I have so many things to write about but I decided to write about my experience running my first full marathon.  Believe me when I say this...I had a lot of doubts in my head after I signed up, can I finish the whole race, what if I didn't train hard enough, did I bring enough to eat, when will I hit the wall?  I started running last year after I saw a friend post on his facebook status that he registered for the Disney half.

Here is a link to one of the vendor's I saw at the Disney expo.  I love all the sayings and can relate...can you?  When I was running halfs..I got the shirt that said 13.1 Miles 'Cause I Am Only Half Crazy Women's Short Sleeve V Neck Tech

  I checked it out and said why not?  I had about 6 months to train so I signed up.  Only problem was I didn't completely think it through.  I never ran in my life...what if I didn't like running?  I decided it would only be for 6 months so I went into training with no real expectations.  Can I tell you how expensive running is?  Between the proper shoes, dri-fit clothes, fees, garmin watches...I hoped I would like it.  And did I know how much training and dedication I would need to put in before the actual race?  I had my running schedule marked in my calendar so I knew how many miles or minutes I had to run on each day.  After the half...I was hooked.  I've read where you know if you are a runner or not after your first race.  Either you are glad you did it and will never run another half/full again...or you are looking for your next race.  Yep...that was me.  But something happened after I ran the Long Beach half.  I stayed around for a bit and saw the marathoners coming to the finish line.  I would say they were about close to 7 hours into it.  Had no clue who anyone was but everyone running inspired me.  I had that little thought...could I actually do a full marathon?  I could do a half...but now that is only the halfway point..could I carve out enough time for the training?  Did I tell you I am a slow runner??  Very slow!  If you are a power walker, you would probably pass me...and I am not kidding.  And that is with me jogging/running...LOL.  Training started and I will not bore you with the details.  Let's move to the day itself.  During the week leading up to the marathon..I found myself glued to the weather report.  Forecast was rain on Sunday.  Hmmm...never ran in the rain before.  Not looking good.  I couldn't back out so now I had to search for more clothing...more $ spent.  Note to self...plan ahead.  I knew from training that I needed fuel during the race- not just gu and chomps but actual food.  So, I also did a first and ran with a backpack.  It wasn't so bad and at least I had bananas, oranges, PB, bagels with me.  I packed way more than I needed..but better safe than sorry.

LA is a point to point race meaning we started at Dodger Stadium and ended up in Santa Monica.  I psyched myself so much I had dreams about missing my shuttle bus.  It didn't make total sense but I remember in my dream that I had fallen asleep in the hotel lobby in Palm Springs and when I woke up the shuttle bus had left.  I started crying in the middle of the hotel wondering how I was going to make it to Dodger Staduim for the race.  I couldn't see myself crossing the finish line no matter how hard I tried...let's face it- I knew I didn't train hard enough the weeks before the marathon and now it would show.  I didn't have a time in mind...all I wanted to do is finish and stick to half's. 

Race day...I made it on time and didn't miss the shuttle.  Still wasn't sure if it would I dressed appropriately.  Thank goodness I had gotten a wind/rain resistant jacket years ago that came in handy.  Rain poncho and trash bag on...I boarded the bus.  The last available time slot was 4:30 needless to say I didn't get much sleep on Saturday night.  Got to Dodger stadium and chilled for a while.  Tried to use the "real" bathroom a couple of times before heading out to the start. was time.  Got in the corral and waited...and waited some more.  If you have never been to a's a pretty cool feeling.  You see people of all age groups, all shapes and sizes and there is somewhat of an unspoken kinship.  Our goals might be different, our trainings might be different but the goal of finishing the race is common. 

Finally...the race started- OK after the first mile...had to stop to use the bathroom.  Me and porta pottys are friends now.  I used to hate using them and would avoid at all costs. if you are a runner...and a slow runner at that, when you have to go...unless you find a bush or something, the porta potty will become your new BFF.  After a while...they aren't so bad.  The race started off OK for me...didn't go out too fast etc and was enjoying the scenery, the people cheering, the bands etc.  Then my worst fear happened....I was too slow and they had us move to the sidewalk.  They started cleaning the streets and opening the roads.  Although I was still determined to finish...I know I mentally checked out.  I didn't keep up my intervals and ended up walking.  Honestly, I don't even remember what mile it was...but at least I was over the half way point.  At some point..I wondered if it was even worth it...and would I ever do another full?  Would I even get a medal or had everyone packed up and left?  Finally...I finished.  Yes...most had packed up and left but at least I got my medal.  Did I mention how many times I had to use the bathroom?  A lot...since I was drinking at every water station...I was hydrated but wasn't sweating it out.  As a are always wanting to get that PR or at least beat your last time.  I was more concerned if I could hold it to the next porta potty...not really but there is some truth to it.  After I got my medal...I wondered where is my car and the more important question how far do I need to walk?  After getting conflicting answers, I started walking.  A few blocks up..I realized I didn't pick up my gear check.  Turned around...and said forget it.  I could barely walk at this point.  Please...God let me get to my car and home was the only thing on my mind.  After a hot shower and ice on the knees...I was done.  For all of you who are wondering...that night I did make up my mind to do another full...I know I can beat my time. 

Now I will need this shirt...26.2 Miles - 'Cause I'm Full of Crazy Women's Short Sleeve V Neck Tech

Highlights of my experince..the good, bad and ugly
-dream that I got left behind and missed the race completely.
-thinking trash bags are a running accessory.
-enjoying the crowds cheering
-the wonderful people that had oranges, pretzels, water and snacks along the way
-having to use a lot of porta potties along the way
-walking against the wind and wondering if I would get blown away
-getting my cap blown off my head and running after it.(I just bought the cap the day before and wasn't ready to part with it yet.)
-getting my cap blown off for the 2nd time and running after it again.
-having dri fit underwear was a good investment
-using the porta potty with less than .2 miles to go
-wanting to cry when I realized I didn't know where my car was
-not picking up my gear check and thought about going back but didn't
-finishing and getting my medal
-made the decision to sign up for another marathon.
-a power walker can pass me
-asking the Jamba Juice employee if I was walking the right direction
-having no cell phone with me to call to get picked up

I also discovered how supportive runners in general are.  I know I will never be the fastest...heck I was in the bottom 5 in my age group.  OK..and I will admit it weighed heavy on me.  Am I cut out to run a half/full?  I think everyone to some degree...wants to do more, to do better.  I am no different.  Every person that I shared my time with was very supportive even when they could tell I was getting a little down on myself.  I accomplished something that nobody can take away from me.  I finished the race. 

This race meant more to me than just running.  It makes me look at life different.  We all put limits on ourselves or make excuses for not doing something- whether it is going back to school, getting that degree, pursuing your dream, your business...anything that is important.  God does not put these limits on us, we do.  We start believing that we can't so why bother. Here is one of my favorite Bible verses...

If you have faith as a grainof mustard seed, you will say to your
     mountain, "MOVE!" and it  WILL move...and NOTHING will be
     impossible for YOU!
                                                                                     - Matthew 17:20

Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to basics weekend is amazing how we take little things for granted...and how we don't even think twice about it.

This weekend started off like any other weekend...plans to go to the gym, run errands, church...the normal routine.

It started off with the TV going problem, I figured something happened to Time Warner and didn't think much about it. When I came home AFTER grocery shopping...I realized now there was no electricity. At this point...I didn't think much about it other than it being an inconvenience. Luckily it was still I was able to shower and get ready for church. I called Edison and then found out that we might not have power until Sunday morning. OK...great- now I need to find the flashlight just in case. Should have thought about getting ice but it didn't even enter my mind. I also thought they gave me the worse case scenario so it didn't dawn on me that this was as serious as it was.

I got home after 9:00 to find about 7-8 trucks lined up in the car port area. Something major...and it finally hit me that I probably wouldn't have power for a while. Asked some guy and he said maybe Sunday morning. Well..Sunday morning turned into Sunday evening. Good thing I picked up some batteries and one of those hand free lights in order to walk my dog, Princess. Sunday...I ran errands again but who really wants to sit in the house alone with a dog? LOL. On the bright side...I did bring her to get her pictures taken at Petco (the picture people) in about 3 weeks I will be sharing pictures. I realized while driving around- mainly to charge my cell phone much we depend on things like electricity and we don't even think about what happens when we don't have it. No TV, no stove, no microwave etc. And to top it started raining on Sunday. I hoped they would continue working...and thankfully they did. Towards the end of Sunday...because it was already getting neighbors and myself were standing around just waiting with the Edison people...hoping whatever they did worked. Thank did. I was never so happy to see light!! Good news/bad news- I had to throw away a lot of food-including what I bought the previous day...but now I have a fresh start. I am not sure I am at the place where I can eat 100% healthy but I can say at least 75% of the items now will be healthy foods. The rest will probably be little snacks or my baking supplies.

Oh...and because my WW meeting is on Sunday...I didn't sleep well Saturday night because I was worried my cell phone battery would die and I wouldn't hear the alarm. Luckily I did...made my meeting and lost another 2.2 lbs for the week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday afternoon post

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...too many things to do and ran out of time.

Yesterday was my weigh in. Hmmm...not sure if any of you have little routines/obessions when it comes to losing weight. Not sure why this started...but I weigh myself every morning. I's only supposed to be once a week but it's a hard habit to break for me. It also gives me a clear picture how much the body flucuates...because I know that I ate pretty much clean and my weight might go up and then the next day down. indicator is usually Saturday. If the scale is going Sunday I know that I have lost weight. And Sunday morning...I can prepare myself for the actual weigh in. I know that my clothes weigh exactly one lb (although yesterday was a little more) and that my scale at home is off up to a half a lb lighter that the WW scale. So...come yesterday scale showed that I gained about half a lb. Guess I do it because I don't like surprises...LOL. Sure enough, I gained 4 ounces. Not a lot...but this is the first time in 9 weeks that I gained.

It made me think...well there is nothing I can do about it now...but let me think back to what I could have done different. Went back to my tracking and even if I underestimated, I had about half of my weeklies left. The only thing that stuck out to me was my exercise. I usually have a pretty set routine when it comes to working out...but because of commitments and other things I made it to the gym only twice. And that to me played a major part as to my gain.

Taking this learning experience and filing it away. I need to stay focused and realize that we only have today.

As one of my goals this year...I have decided to try a new recipe each week. Sunday's are the best day for me to do this...and yesterday I made the apple fritters. I will be honest...I wasn't too impressed with them...not sure what I expected but it didn't do it for me. I ate about half of one...and said I would rather use my points on food I unfortunately for me...I won't be making this again.