Monday, January 14, 2013

Another post?? I'm on a roll...

OK...another post from me??  Well...this weekend was a baking weekend for me.  Nothing too major- I had an order for 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes.  I saw this cute chocolate design so I decided to add it to my friend's came out pretty cute!  I'm also trying to be frugal in my baking so I'm trying to come up with ways to not waste but also not spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  For some red velvet batter consistently makes more than 2 dozen so I decided to put the excess in a cake pan and use it for the topping...or for cake pops.  So's working and I don't have to throw away too much.  Here's a pic of the finished cupcake.

Photo: Cupcake order is ready for tomorrow #redvelvetcupcakes #orderforvday

Less than a week away from my 2nd half marathon for 2013.  Excited to go to the expo on Friday and hopefully not spend too much money.  This is my first Tinkerbell race but the Disney half in Sept  2010 was my first ever race.  I was blown away by the expo and how big it was.  Let's say I was overwhelmed.  So many booths and for a person that just started running...I didn't know what was an absolute necessary and what wasn't.  Here is what last year's medal looked like...

Since I am on a roll...and I blog about anything..does anyone watch the Shah's of Sunset reality TV show?  I am so far behind in my usual shows but this was the one I watched last night...For all of you that don't watch the show- it's about a group of friends that are Persian that live in the LA area.  It's funny because sometimes they have to put subtittles when they speak Farsi to each other so the rest of us can understand.  For my reality show friends...who is your favorite? I know GG has anger issues but I felt sorry that she didn't get invited on the Mexico trip with the rest of the gang.  And I was happy she pulled off the event.  Lilly definitely looked out of place with all the drinking and things going on...yikes!  Since they all live out in the LA area...I wonder if I ever run into any of them if I start hanging out in their "neighborhhod".  And no..I am not a stalker!!  LOL.  This is the cast from the season 2..


My poor kid (Princess) is having issues and it's hard for me because the vet can't figure out what is wrong with her.  She has more than one thing going on...but for now the vet wants me to take care of the epulis tumor in her gums.  We get to go to the doggy dentist on Friday for a consultation.  She will probably need to get her tooth removed...but we will see.  She also hasn't been able to keep weight on and that is also very concerning to the doctor.  So far we have done a stomach ultrasound and a chest X-ray.  Nothing out of the ordinary yet.  I asked if the tumor might have anything to do with it..the vet doesn't think so but I will ask the dentist on Friday.  I'll also bring her by the vet to have her me it looks like she has gained some weight and also I can ask if they tested for diabetes.  At least it doesn't look like she is in pain...she still is the goofy girl in my life.

And last but not least...a funny thing happened to me over the weekend...I posted it on facebook on Saturday.  I was in my therapist's office on Saturday.  She has one of those Keurig coffee makers and I always make myself a chai latte.  I took my usual seat and set my drink on the table.  She went to go make some tea in the other room so I was readjusting the blanket because it was freezing in the room.  Next cup is gone.  My first reaction was oh spilled on the floor.  I look on the floor and noticed the cup had fallen inside my purse.  I honestly was a little relieved...only because it was my stuff that got damaged.  I swear...God has a sense of humor.  And luckily it landed only in the little side pocket of the purse...not the entire purse.  The only thing was oh no..that was where the phone was.  I just had the most horrible experience with Verizon and just got my replacement phone.  Luckily nothing got damaged.  I used up a lot of tissue cleaning up my drink...trying to clean up everything before she returned....LOL  I wished I had taken a picture of it...well maybe not.

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