Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to basics weekend is amazing how we take little things for granted...and how we don't even think twice about it.

This weekend started off like any other weekend...plans to go to the gym, run errands, church...the normal routine.

It started off with the TV going problem, I figured something happened to Time Warner and didn't think much about it. When I came home AFTER grocery shopping...I realized now there was no electricity. At this point...I didn't think much about it other than it being an inconvenience. Luckily it was still I was able to shower and get ready for church. I called Edison and then found out that we might not have power until Sunday morning. OK...great- now I need to find the flashlight just in case. Should have thought about getting ice but it didn't even enter my mind. I also thought they gave me the worse case scenario so it didn't dawn on me that this was as serious as it was.

I got home after 9:00 to find about 7-8 trucks lined up in the car port area. Something major...and it finally hit me that I probably wouldn't have power for a while. Asked some guy and he said maybe Sunday morning. Well..Sunday morning turned into Sunday evening. Good thing I picked up some batteries and one of those hand free lights in order to walk my dog, Princess. Sunday...I ran errands again but who really wants to sit in the house alone with a dog? LOL. On the bright side...I did bring her to get her pictures taken at Petco (the picture people) in about 3 weeks I will be sharing pictures. I realized while driving around- mainly to charge my cell phone much we depend on things like electricity and we don't even think about what happens when we don't have it. No TV, no stove, no microwave etc. And to top it started raining on Sunday. I hoped they would continue working...and thankfully they did. Towards the end of Sunday...because it was already getting neighbors and myself were standing around just waiting with the Edison people...hoping whatever they did worked. Thank did. I was never so happy to see light!! Good news/bad news- I had to throw away a lot of food-including what I bought the previous day...but now I have a fresh start. I am not sure I am at the place where I can eat 100% healthy but I can say at least 75% of the items now will be healthy foods. The rest will probably be little snacks or my baking supplies.

Oh...and because my WW meeting is on Sunday...I didn't sleep well Saturday night because I was worried my cell phone battery would die and I wouldn't hear the alarm. Luckily I did...made my meeting and lost another 2.2 lbs for the week!

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