Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching up..this and that

So...this blog thing has suffered since I've been busy or have forgotten to blog...LOL  I will attempt to blog at least once a week on what is important to me or what has been going on in my life..

Earlier this week during work, our founder talked about enrolling others and how we need to step out of our comfort zones at times and just go for it.  This message hit home because for too long...I've let life pass me by.  Thought about an invitation and later declined with the saying...maybe or I'll get back to you on that type of thing.  Imagine the possibilites if I would have said yes without even blinking an eye.  Of course, I still believe there is a balance of doing things/ rest/ family time etc...but I think we can all do our part in enrolling others or becoming more enrolled ourselves.

I've always thought about..maybe I should volunteer for this, or go to this event etc but when the time comes...either I forget or back down saying I am too tired or whatever the excuse of the day is.  Well..going forward, I am going to stop doing this...and enjoy life.  There are a few things that either are my passion or something that catches my interest so those are the things I will focus on.

First...I would have to say to get more involved in church.  Nothing I do will work in the long run without letting God guide me.  I've already got the ball rolling by starting to bake for our church's homeless ministry.  My first drop off is tomorrow before service.  And to get more active...not sure yet what that will be...whether it be a bible study, small group, volunteering etc.  I will let the Lord guide me where I should go.

Second...would be to pursue my baking passion.  I see the doors starting to open in this area and it's exciting.  For now, it's baking for co-workers but who knows where this will lead.  I am almost half way through my cake decorating class.  And let me tell has been quite a humbling experience...knowing that I am not as good as I thought I was.  I've always had problems icing cakes...and to have it come to light showed me I need more guidance and practice.  The class is pretty cool since we are doing it at a bakery.  And the instructor is more than willing to talk to us after/before class about any questions we might have.  There is also a cupcakecampLA that I was interested in.  My first thought was to bake for this event..but I am leaning towards volunteering this year and then next year baking.  I have also come across different contests that I've always thought about entering but never did anything about it...well, I think as long as I write down my will keep me more focused.  Keep checking back to see my progress...

Third...working out/fitness.  This I will combine as my personal goals as well as enrolling others to become more physically fit.  As I mentioned in my last post...eating has and is my issue.  I love food..plain and simple.  And probably all the "bad" food.  I will admit things have not gotten any better since my last post but being aware is part of the battle won.  Working out has suffered just a little...and I do miss my evening classes at the gym.  But...with doing P90X at lunchtime..I guess I am not pushing myself as hard to get my 2nd workout in.  Can I say...I still love P90X?
I also need to focus more on my beachbody coaching business.  I read an article on yahoo a couple of weeks ago and I believe it mentioned by the year 2020 75% of Americans will be overweight.  That is 3 out of 4 people!!  Each person needs to be accountable to stop this trend.  Even if it is not a Beachbody product or workout...society as a whole needs to start moving more and eating more healthier.  Come check out website if you would like to order a workout program or have questions regarding any of the products.  I am definitely a "product of the product".

Forth is getting involved with either a local animal shelter or a rescue group.  My girl has played such an important part of my life for the last 10 years and it breaks my heart that so many dogs (and cats) are without a forever home.  Speaking of cats...we have a few semi-feral cats that live in my condo complex.  One in particular is named Lucky.  A cute all black cat that has gotten friendlier over the years.  She finally got spayed thanks to my neighbor Shannon..but that was after I think her 3rd or 4th litter. When Lucky was a kitten..for some odd reason she would approach my dog, Princess.  It was really cute to see Lucky come running out of nowhere anytime she saw us walking.  She knows where we live and stalks us from time to time.  This morning she was waiting for us to come out for our morning walk...BTW..can cats tell time??  Princess being a dog needs to smell her behind...and then they touch noses and then Lucky rolls around on the ground.  But don't mess with Lucky either.  I have seen her stand up to other dogs that are in her "territory".  Last was the cutest thing because while we were comes Lucky and her daughter Smokey.  Smokey is a lot more hyper than Lucky and although she is getting used to approaching Princess...I am still very cautious.  Well...Smokey got a little too close (although Princess didn't do anything) and ran back to Lucky.  Lucky started meowing at her and then smacked her on the head.  I guess momma was telling her to be more careful...LOL

Til next blog...

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